My grandfather’s training was thorough and the skills he passed on trained me in all aspects of expert tailoring – and included the ability to sew anything. 

He would make everything imaginable out of fabric for his home and, of course, everything was finished perfectly. I still use many of those items today. He didn’t just do basic homewares - he went all out, with his choice of European bedding always gorgeously fitted with pillow-cases, doona covers and fitted sheets. The added touches included ruffles, pleating, elastics and fancy closures. 

My grandfather also made the curtains, which were elaborate creations with pleats and gathers - all thermal-lined and on proper tracking rods. It’s a talent I have utilised, proudly, in my own home over the years. 

Designing and producing homewares for family and friends is something I’ve loved for years and I’ve added to that passion by crafting bespoke homewares for a range of small businesses, including bed & breakfast accommodation venues – and sharing my knowledge to help other designers develop their own patterns and sample ranges for production. 

I love designing fabrics and creating useful items for the home, and am so excited to have produced this range of ethically and sustainably-produced homewares now available direct to you.